"Written in Ink" is a solo exhibition of the artist Mai Oltra curated by Marisol Salanova that includes a selection of twenty portraits of people showing their tattoos which are daily hidden under their clothes when going to work, joined by a text that contextualizes the situation of each one indicating their profession (an educator, a baker, a nurse, a journalist... ). It was held in the exhibition hall of the nursing school in Valencia from November 25th 2014 until January 9th 2015. Translated from English to Spanish "Written in ink" means "inked" and refers to the tattoo as a mode of expression for a message that has been written on the skin and often keeps a very personal meaning. The tattoo is becoming more socially acceptable but remains controversial. For a long time was associated with criminals but now it has been losing the negative charge and people of different ages, backgrounds and professions combine going tattooed with a healthy, normal life. The artist is a professional photographer she also works in the health field as a nurse, she has got several tattoos on body parts that are not readily visible and their work reflects on the language on the skin analyzing overall the tattoo as a social phenomenon.