"Ten Years at The Zoo" is a group exhibition of the artists Andrés Galeano, Emilio Gomariz, Claudia Maté, Lorna Mills, Vince Mckelvie and Katie Torn curated by Marisol Salanova and Carlos Sáez from December 3, 2015, till January 16, 2016, in Las Naves Espai d'Innovació i Creació, about video art in YouTube best known for its offbeat videos that become viral sensations. Among its millions of clips is a treasure finding out that in YouTube there are artists working with specific works only available at the platform. in the Cyberculture of the XXI Century some international artists use Youtube as a space to be Intervened but at kind of video art are we talking about? Check out because is very interesting and it is happening for ten years... This is an experimental exhibition and the goal of its curators is to analyze ten years of a new communication channel.