Spoken word was adopted by college circles in the early 1980s to describe a new wave of performing arts that was birthed during Postmodern Art Movement. Today many artists and poets have not published any of their works in book forms but they do in their blogs. Some use video and audio recording posted on internet. Also many of them are adding new elements to their poetry readings closer to performance art and theater practices. "Perfopoetry" is a project curated by Marisol Salanova that starts from the importance of words in the performing arts and the aesthetic function of language. First edition of this artistic show took place on May 12, 2012 at Centro Párraga (Center for research in performing arts, Murcia, Spain) with the participation of poets Luna Miguel, Unai Velasco and Ana Elena Pena. The purpose of attendees was to analyze the influence of theater model in the spoken word and poetry readings. They were discussing the possibilities and the potential power of poetry, later each of them offered a sample of their work. This is a free public event. It invites creators and audience to share the experience of multimedia poetry.