"Onstage: Monuments of melancholy" is a solo exhibition of the artist Juanli Carrión curated by Marisol Salanova which deals with the artificiality inherent in the preservation of history linked here through a series of significant placer that have become generators of history and identity. It can be understand as an aesthetic exercise that makes use of the dramaturgical codes of theatrical lighting and scenography, while questioning the language of spectacle and its use in capturing attention in real life. The United States has lead the development of the current languages of fiction and spectacle, which it currently used to both create its own history and also to direct and write it in the way it wants. The paradigm of American history takes on great magnitude because of its post-colonial reconstruction. Distributed along the middle of the country there are a series of isolated natural sites, which have been turned into historical milestones in arbitrary, confusing, and sometimes ridiculous ways.

These cartographies of accidents, battles and massacres could become a map of one of the many possible U.S. Recent Histories. Some historic milestone located in Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana have been monumentalized through the intervention of society and that's where this project starts: landscapes or scenes marked by a plaque, statue, legend or monolith explaining what happened. The Fetterman Massacre Hill, The Mysterious Incident in the Lake Desmet and The Connor Battlefield Park are some of the milestones chosen for this project. Onstage begins with a series of site-specific installations that use specific lighting associated with dramatic codes of theater and borrow language to recount, once again, in a symbolic and ironic way what history is. It documents and questions these places condemned by their monuments at a time when the world is rethinking its way of operation, and contemporary society is redefining their culture, role models and social models, all of which reflected in these places.