In his essay "Life in Common" Tzvetan Todorov explores the construction of the self and offers new perspectives on current debates about otherness, following the same goal Marisol Salanova made the project of the exhibition "Imcomplétudes" in Espai Tactel's gallery in Valencia with works of the artists Vicky Uslé, Rosana Antolí and Ana Barriga, paintings, drawings and sculpture/installation from March 5 until April 30th 2015. Through the seventeenth century, solitude was considered the human condition in the Western philosophical tradition. The self was not dependent on others to perceive itself as complete. Todorov sees a reversal of this thinking beginning with the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the eighteenth century. For the first time the self was defined as incomplete without the other, and the gaze no longer served only to satisfy personal vanity but constituted the fundamental requisite for human identity.