Horror Vacui

By Marisol Salanova

To accumulate objects compulsively is the result of consumerism in a society of nomadic youth that studies and works in different places and that they have to roll their stuff frequently. Stacking belongings frequently becomes a drag and it is not easy the selection of items which are going with us on our journey. The only thing that clearly we always have to choose is clothing, light, useful and indispensable. Due to he hurried and precarious transport we leave behind garments that we give as a present or even abandon at airports where the weight limit forces us to the unexpected emptying of a suitcase that it will be examined later and also sealed with a thin plastic paper. It is a shell that surrounds our memories, wrinkled and messy clothes that, once relocated, we will fold and order mechanically, not thinking too much but with a whole conceptual charge behind, causing a lining up of colours ranges and suggestive textures that the artist Juan Carlos Rosa Casasola takes to the expositive field.

The loop of movings in wich himself has been immersed made him to think about the storage, the transience and recycling, underlying the idea of giving a new life to an object with whom we have had our history, to let it go and maybe to take part of the vital landscape of another person. As when a book travels into the hands of a new reader, clothes symbolize the flow of a cycle and a change of paradigm towards to consume less and to share more, giving a transcendental value to the object not leaving aside the aesthetic component. With an attractive display of colours and a cared harmony, the artist set out his own organization chart of storage from his own clothes, borrowed, donated, second-hand, of people of different professions, ages, origins and styles. The visual impact of his work intervening the Frax Fundation’s hall with drawings, photographs and sculptures urge to review the Aristotelian notion of the nature abhors the empty.