What you wear can inform passersby of your ambitions, emotions and spending habits. Our wardrobe says a lot about us but is it possible to combat the standardization of trends? This exhibition tries to answer these and other questions. It is a project curated by Marisol Salanova for ONEstudio, an interior design studio directed by Manuel Gonzalez. From June 18th until September 5th 2015, the project shown works of three young graphic and illustrators designers: Tereza Valcikova, Pau Orts and Sabina Alcaraz. The title "À fleurs, à pois, à rayures" means floral, polka dot, striped, which in French is used as an expression to meet the typical patterns, topical and classic classification Valcikova, Orts and Alcaraz demystify showing that graphic and fashion design focus are endless combinations for printing.